tasty ideas for food explorers

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Avocado cake

This nutritious and creamy cake is made from raw ingredients and certainly is one of vegan cheesecake hits. Who knew avocado can make such a delicious dessert?

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Breakfast balance porridge

This was part of my detox day breakfast. No added sugar is needed, no culinary masterclass, still - tastes like heaven! If you manage to trick kids to eat it, despite the looks, they will love it!

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Orange truffes

If you love marzipan, you're gonna love this raw treat! It is a great addition to an afternoon tea. Wrap nicely and give it to someone special as a gift!

Vegan & raw

Clean and ethical eating has never been so easy and affordable. You don't have to restrict yourself from anything, in fact, eating vegan is something that can open your food experience to a whole new dimension. Flavors you've never tasted, textures you've never seen. Enjoy!